Benjamin Jordan: Pilot / Photo-documentarian  (view expanded bio)

Benjamin Jordan formulated Above + Beyond Canada as a response to his desire to philanthropically integrate both the sport of powered-paragliding and the craft of aerial photography. This summer, he will be challenged by the terrain and weather nuances of the 10,000-km flight across Canada, not to mention by maintaining his responsibilities for flight logistics, documentary production, media interviews and campaign website updating - all whilst living out of a mobile vehicle.

Most importantly, Jordan will remind youth that their dreams, however laborious or frightening, are vastly achievable.

Keren Menashe: Public Relations / Administration

Warm-hearted and energetic Keren Menashe keeps Above + Beyond Canada connected to the world-at-large. When she's not waiting for satellite connection, her campaign explanations and media invitations fill the bus. Menashe, calendar in hand, doles out up-to-date details on school/camp presentations and acts as a liaison for campaign charities. Local airports and sponsors may also recognize her voice regarding notification that Jordan is in their area. Menashe is also becoming quite the videographer.

Jess Ahlemeier: Ground Support / Photographer

Ground Support Agent Jess Ahlemeier coordinates ground to air communication for Above + Beyond Canada. Whether it be inputting route checkpoints, checking camera batteries, or mixing fuel, Ahlemeier pieces together launching/landing flight preparation. She, in the interest of company and safety, uses visual and radio communication to keep support vehicle Honey roughly equally paced with the man in the sky. Photos taken by Ahlemeier provide a ground-oriented understanding of Jordans eastwardly progression.