Charity Information & Registration

Throughout past campaigns, we have noticed that people are more likely to give to a local cause than a nation-wide program and so have designed Above+Beyond Canada to work with charities on a provincial basis.

In short, funds raised in BC will send underprivileged BC kids to BC camps. This same paradigm will apply to each of the eight other provinces we traverse, all the way east to Newfoundland.

Avenues for fundraising.

Sales of photographs and photographic books:

Beautiful aerial photographs from all across Canada will become available for purchase online, shortly after their capture. A 7"x7" book, containing an assorted collection of 70 of our favourite images will be published and ready to be shipped shortly after the campaign's conclusion. Visitors to our website will be able to order the $25 book then, or pre-order throughout the campaign as a means of making their contribution. $10 from each book sale will be put directly towards their province's selected charity.

Online Donations:
We plan to promote our website heavily, during media interviews, as a place that Canadians can frequent to stay current through photographs, videos and stories as we fly eastward. Visitors will be encouraged to make a donation by credit card and have the option of having their name, or company's name posted on the "Wall of Fun!" donors' page. Alternatively, if they require charitable tax receipts, they will be encouraged to send cheques directly to the charity representing their province.

Hand to hand donations:
When Canadians get inspired, they tend to get generous and the Above+Beyond Canada ground crew will gladly accept contributions by cash or cheque, providing donors with information about their province's selected charity.

Getting involved.

Becoming the charitable beneficiary of your given province is easy. You can either be a camp, or an organization which works with several different camps within your province. The only requirement is that you be a registered charity that is able to direct our fundraising efforts towards subsidizing the cost of attending camp to any youth, regardless of gender, race or religion, who's parents or guardians require financial aid.

To fundraise for your charity, we require:

A brief description of your organization including: your procedures for enrolling youth that require financial assistance into camp.
A signed letter of endorsement, on your organization's stationary, acknowledging your support of Above+Beyond Canada as a contributing member of your charity.
Please submit these documents promptly, either by:

Fax to 1-250-984-7577
Scanning and emailing them to
Mailing them to Benjamin Jordan, 1109 Front St, Nelson, BC, V1L 4C1
Need to know more?

Sure thing! We will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you come on board. Please feel free to call Benjamin Jordan any time at 250-505-8055.