Voulunteer Signup:
Welcome! We are excited that you want to help.

Please note that the Above + Beyond Canada campaign has come to a successful close and we are no longer accepting volunteers for the project.

Get Involved!

While we will be working endlessly to set up and publicize our public events all across the Country, the success of these events, and fundraising in general will be in large part determined by the participation of generous and passionate Canadians like YOU!

We are able to provide you with any information or media you will need to make your involvement a fun and rewarding experience!

Here are a number of examples of things you can do, but are in no way limited to:

Host a Landing:

This may sound like a big deal, but all that's required is a little local knowledge and a phone call. Of the 200-some landings Benjamin will have to make in flying his Powered Paraglider across Canada, we know very few of the towns or cities well enough to know which (playing field/school yard/beach) to choose from.

You can help us out tremendously simply by recommending an open area, about the size of a baseball diamond, without many tall structures, trees or power lines too near that Benjamin will be able to land in, as well as launch from without disturbing anyone.

Having these details sorted ahead of time means that we can alert the media days ahead of time and do a good job of raising awareness in your community.

Organize an Event with a Landing or Launch:

Now that you're thinking about how cool it would be to choose where we stop in your community, just think of how great it would be to organize a public event to celebrate the triumphant flight and wonderful cause it represents!

From something as simple as a community BBQ, water-slide, face painting, potato sack race, soccer game -- anything you think might draw a crowd and potentially even get some fundraising on the go is a welcome way to make our initiative even more effective.

Those were just a few ideas to get you thinking. Keep it as simple, or as extravagant as you like. No matter what you can manage, we are honored that you are even just considering it.


Call the media!
We can contact your local media until we're blue in the face. It's not until someone from that community calls in and lets them know that they are interested that the media outlets start taking positive news stories like this as serious as the fear and drama-based pieces that fill the majority of broadcasts these days. Look them up in the phone book and tell them to check out our website or call us on the road at 250-505-8055. Awesome!

Tell your friends!
You're inspired. Now tell one friend and the inspiration has just doubled! Why stop there? E-mail all of your friends or everyone in your office and tell them about this wonderful effort. The more awareness we are able to generate the better, the more web traffic the greater the fundraising impact. If you can't share your wealth, share your voice ..it's free! :)

Download one of our awesome ABOVE+BEYOND CANADA posters and put it up in your classroom, office or your favourite store-window. Photocopy them and place them all over. Check our ROUTE+SCHEDULE section to see when we will be landing or launching in your area and write that information on our event poster to get people out to witness this historic, World Record Breaking flight! Whether people are visiting the website or visiting us in person, visits often translate to donations so realize what a significant something as easy as putting up a few posters can have.