Our Cause:

2 in 5 Canadian families cannot afford to send their children to summer camp in 2009.

The summer camp experience provides a fun outlet to develop social skills, an appreciation for the outdoors and patterns for living healthy, active lifestyles. As Canadian youth are gravitating more and more towards electronic forms of socializing, video game realities and spending the majority of their free time before computer screens, the core benefits provided through the summer camp experience are more essential than ever before.

Though charities which focus on sending underprivileged children to camp exist, they are forced to turn away a large number of applicants simply due to a lack of funding from both private and public sectors.

While significant investments are made to develop infrastructures to accommodate our future generations, equally important is the need to equip them with the skills they will require to adapt to our changing environment and social demands. Sending every child to summer camp is a cost effective way of building a bright future for Canadians.

Above + Beyond Canada aims to raise $500,000 in 2009 to send 2000 underprivileged Canadian children to camp throughout the 2010 summer.

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