Thank you Sponsors!
Your generous contributions are allowing us to realize our dreams and, in turn, allowing children to discover theirs.
Local Sponsors:
British Columbia (51 Sponsors) [Become a BC Sponsor]
Tofino, BC
  Long Beach market Gas + Go - Tofino
Thanks so much you guys! Your gas donation kept Ben flying all the way to Port Alberni!
  CO-OP - Tofino
Thank you Al!
Your generous contribution kepts our bus rolling and Ben's motor flying all the way to Nanaimo.
Port Alberni, BC
  Robin Kenny - Victoria
Qualicum Beach, BC
  Quality Foods - Qualicum Beach
Thank you John!
Your donation kept us nurished till Pit Medows.
We appreciate your support!
Nanaimo, BC
  The Home Depot - Nanaimo
Thank you Rick!
Your donation has ensured that we stay plugged in, and able to do the work that keeps everyone updated as we travel along the country.
  Delicados - Nanaimo
Thanks Carla for filling our bellies with delicious wraps after a wonderful flight from Port Alberni to Qualicum Beach!
Pitt Meadows, BC
  JS Auto Repair Ltd. - Tsawwassen
Thank you Johny! Your contribution helped us make our way on to the island and continue on our way.
  Safeway - Tsawwassen
Thank you Sudash!
Your contribution ensured that we stayed fed, happy and healthy as we continued on our journey.
  Canadian Tire - Richmond
Thank You Scott!
Your donation has kept us connected and working even when we can't find a place to plug in!
Hope, BC
  Coopers Foods - Hope
Thank you Robert!
Your support kept our bellies full as we continued on to Princeton.
  Mountain View Auto - Hope
Thank you Randy and Tim!
Your gas contribution kept Benjamin's motor flying to Osoyoos!
  Esso - Hope
Thank you!
Your contribution helped our bus keep rolling to princeton.
Princeton, BC
  Riverside Motel - Princeton
Thank You Gord!
Your beautiful grounds gave us a quiet space to catch up on our computer work.
Congratulations on your wedding!
  Overwaitea - Princeton
Thank You Mike!
Your contribution kept us nurished all the way to Grand Forks.
Keremeos, BC
  Fas Gas LTD. - Keremeos
Thank You!
Your contribution kept our bus rolling till Grand Forks.
  Hill Top Esso and Grocery - Keremeos
Thank Your Mary!
Your generous contribution helped Honey the bus drive all the way to Castlegar.
Grand Forks, BC
  Lordco - Grand Forks
Thank You Darcy! The 2 stroke engine oil that you donated will keep our motor flying all the way to Cranbrook, BC!
  Ramada Limited - Grand Forks
Thank You Jay!
Hotel was a wonderful place for us to stay plugged in and connected. Thank you for giving us all the time we needed while we were in Grand Forks.
  Overwaitea - Grand Forks
Thank You Ryan!
Your contribution kept us fed and happy all the way to Castlegar.
  Extra Foods - Grand Forks
Thank You Dean for helping us out with some wonderful food that is still nurishing us!
  Petro Canada - Grand Forks
Thank you!
Your gas donation helped keep our bus (Honey) driving to Castlegar.
  Shell Canda - Grand Forks
Thank you!
Your valuable donation helped get us to Castlegar!
Castlegar, BC
  Safeway - Castlegar
Thank you Tony!
Your donation has kept or bellies full and happy.
  Andres AudioTronic - Castlegar
Thank You Adelle and Brandyn!
Without you, we would be phoneless and unable to communicate with all the lovely Canadians that cross our path. Thanks for your support.
  Shell Canda - Castlegar
Thank You Frank!
Your engine oil donation has helped keep the paramotor flying to Creston.
  Erwin and Ursula - Genelle
Erwin and Ursula,
Thank you so much for taking us in and giving us so much support.
Thank you for your kindness!
  Castlegar Mohawk - Castlegar
Thank You Lana!
Your continued support in our projects inspires us to keep going. Thank you for the donation, your contribution helped get us to Nelson.
  Extra Foods - Castlegar
Thank You Tom!
Your donation has allowed us to make delicious sandwiches that keep us going.
  Quality Tire and Auto Service - Castlegar
Thank You Evan for taking such good care of Honey the bus!
Thank you for your attention to detail, your patience with all our questions, your great problem solving and your generousity.
Thank you Quality Tire, Honey is running great.
Nelson, BC
  Share Nelson - Nelson
It took us over a week to get Honey BC certified and insured. Fortunately, Ian and the wonderful people of Share welcomed us parking our giant support vehicle out back of their store while converting the interior and priming the exterior.
  Benjamin Moore - Nelson
Thanks John and all of the nice guys behind the paint desk for setting us up with the perfect paint for our beautiful bus!
  Color Your World - Nelson
Steve Marshall, thank you so much for your generous donation of 3 gallons of primer on which Honey's artistry can properly adhere forever more.
  Home Hardware - Nelson
Thank you Bob for your generous contribution of lumber and paints. Honey wouldn't be looking this good, or feeling so great without your support!
  Andex Rentals - Nelson
Thanks for lending us that magical paint sprayer ..priming went so fast I think I may have gotten younger in the process!
  Nelson Daily News - Nelson
Thanks to the Daily News and Timothy Schafer for their front page promotion of our public painting event this Sunday! We can only hope that the rest of Canada's media outlets will be so kind.
  Nelson Star - Nelson
Thanks Sam for coming to meet us in the park and cover our story. It was lovely to meet you and have your support in spreading the good word!
  Extra Foods - Nelson
Thanks to Extra for allowing us to paint Honey in their parking lot.
Thanks also to Gerry for donating the hotdogs and buns that helped make our BBQ a success.
  Big Cranium - Nelson
Thank you Rebbecca and Big Cranium Team for giving us such a generous deal on our t-shirt order!
  Speedpro Signs - Nelson
Thank you Janine for taking care of our vinyl printing and with such little notice. Honey (our bus) now looks not only Beautiful, but full-on Professional!
  Best Western - Nelson
Thank you Ryan for letting us use your parking lot to paint up our beautiful bus.
Her name is Honey, and she attracts all sorts of great attention everywhere we go!
  Global Underground - Nelson
Thanks for the beautiful Pilot's hat Michelle!
  Express - Nelson
Thank You Chris for covering our story and coming to meet us in the park.
It was lovely meeting you.
  Fairview Esso Service - Nelson
Thank You Jack!
Your support and trust are wonderful!
Your contribution has gotten us to Creston.
  Shell Canada - Nelson
Thank You Shelley!
You and your daughter have a fantastic energy that makes your station feel great. Thank you for supporting our project, the gas you donated has helped get Benjamin in the sky all the way to Creston.
Creston, BC
  Moyie General Store Ltd. - Moyie
Thanks Amie for your support.
It was awesome to see your excitment when you saw Ben in the sky. Your donation kept him flying all the way to Fernie.
  Martinex Gas Bar - Creston
Thank You Madamme Martinez!
You have a wonderful wonderful energy and your contribution kept Honey the bus happy all the way to Cranbrook!
It was wonderful to meet you:)
  Sutcliffe Farms - Creston
Thank You Doug!
Thank you for the delicious asparagus, the awesome cheesy buns, the grassy runway and the warm hospitality! Thank you for the support and your enthusiasm. It was wonderful to meet you!
Cranbrook, BC
  Interior Trophies and Sports - Cranbrook
Thank You Dick!
Your tag will be mounted on Ben's motor and fly across the country with him. We bring your care and energy everywhere with us. Thank you!
  Sandman - Cranbrook
Thank You Dan and Kathrine!
Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and giving us the space to catch up on all our work. You guys are awesome!
  Pizza Hut - Cranbrook
Thank You Mike!
That Pizza was such a treat! It was awesome to celebrate having crossed the Salmo-Creston pass with such a yummy pie.
Fernie, BC
  Sparwood Esso - Sparwood
Thank you Ruth!
Your gas contribution helped us get over the crowsnest past and into Alberta!
Alberta (32 Sponsors) [Become an Alberta Sponsor]
Coleman, AB
  Esso - Coleman
Thank You Mihir!
Your contribution kept Ben flying all the way to to our Alberta charity in Cochrane.
  Crowsnest Mountain Resort - Coleman
Thank You so much for your kindness and hospitality! Ben did very well on his exam and I'm sure that it was partly to do with the peacefull time we spent on your property studying.
Check out the great photo of David and Philipp at the end of the Fernie to Coleman gallery!
  Lundbreck Fire Brigade - Lundbreck
Thank You Anne and Ben!
You guys are amazing!
Your contribution got us all the way to Cochrane!
Cochrane, AB
  Platinum Communications - Rura - Calgary
  Vincene / Muller Windsports - Cochrane
  JDs Auto-Tech Services Inc. - Cochrane
Dean! We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your hard work, time, effort, care and parts. Honey the bus is running perfectly and we are far more knowledgeable about how to pay attention to the things that might go wrong. Thanks for all your help and love!
  Extra Foods - Cochrane
Thank You Susan!
Your generousity helped keep our bellies full and our minds working at full capacity!
  Cochrane Awards and Promotions - Cochrane
Thank You Vanessa and Bing!
You guys are amazing!
Your hard work, care and immediate attention are very much appreciated!
  Big Hill Shell - Cochrane
Thank You Faisal!
Your gas donation kept Ben flying for another leg of this giant cross Canada journey.
  Robert Lewis - Calgary
  Robert Lewis - Calgary
  Sky-Biker Aviation Inc. - Wetaskiwin
Wayne and Susan Thank You! Thank You for helping us sort through all the things we didn't understand and thought were bigger than us. You have completely changed the course of our adventure! Thank you!

Wayne and Susan are the only licensed PPG and PPC instructors in western Canada and they are based out of Wetaskiwin, AB
Strathmore, AB
  Wild Rose Auctions - Cheadle
Thank you Mike, Ruben, Robert and the great big Wild Rose family. Thank you for making it possible that we should find such a wonderful support vehicle for such an awesome price ..and thank you for your generous hospitality and donations.
Vulcan, AB
  Vulcan Auto Truck Stop - Vulcan
Thank You Fulton!
You generous contribution kept Honey the bus running a good chunk of the way through Alberta
Lethbridge, AB
  Dollar Giant Store - Lethbridge
Thank you for your support!
The supplies that you contributed serve us everyday and help us be as productive, and efficient as we possibly can!
  Koajman Bakery - Coalhurst
Thank You for the delicious bread!
We made many delicious sandwiches on your wonderful bread.
  Macs Convenience Store - Lethbridge
Thank You Rick!
Your gas contribution helped keep Ben's motor flying for another leg of this trip.
  Gas King - Lethbridge
Chris!!! You are so very wonderful!
We are in Medicine Hat and our gas tank still says Full! Thank You so much for your generous contribution! Check out the awesome photos in the Coalhurst - Medicine Hat gallery.
  Princess Auto - Lethbridge
Lisa, Thank You so much for the torque wrench!
That little tool does a huge job in ensuring that Ben's motor is always torqued right and always flying safe.
  Canadian Tire - Lethbridge
Thank You Cam for your generous contribution. The items that we picked up help keep us powered and organized and that makes life on the bus a much better place.
  Sandman - Lethbridge
Thank You for letting us spend the night connected to power and connected to the internet!
  Montanas Cookhouse - Lethbridge
Thank You Jeremy!
Lunch was amazing! Your food was awesome and totally recharged our energies.
  Mohawk - Lethbridge
Thank You Jim!
Your contribution kept Ben flying for another 2 legs of the this amazing trip.
  Sobeys - Lethbridge
Thank You Ann!
Your support has allowed us to restock supplies and keep our costs to a minimum.
  Safeway - Lethbridge
Thank You Jack!
Your support has kept our supplies stocked.
Good luck with your paragliding flight!
Medicine Hat, AB
  Boston Pizza - Medicine
Thank You Candace!
Lunch was delicious and the service amazing!
It was awesome to celebrate our one month anniversary with you guys.
  Shell Canada - Medicine
Thank You Tobi!
Your support has kept us on the road!
  Fas Gas Oil - Medicine
Thank You Mike!
Your contribution will keep Ben flying for another 2 legs of the trip.
  Safeway - Medicine
Thank You Harry for your support!
In the generous spirit of the safeways we've seen across western Canada, you have helped us keep our costs low and your productivity high.
  Holiday Inn Express - Medicine Hat
Thank You Kyla!
Allowing us to plug in and stay connected to a stable internet connection has allowed us to be super productive while waiting for the winds to drop in Medicine Hat.
Saskatchewan (11 Sponsors) [Become a Saskatchewan Sponsor]
Swift Current, SK
  Super 8 - Swift Current
Thank You Loretta and Darci!
Having the space to plug in and connect to the internet means that we can stay on top of our commitments to everyone who is working us.
We appreciate your support.
  Canadian Tire - Swift Current
Thank you Matt and Kurt!
Your generous contribution is going to get us our beautiful bus into Manitoba! Thanks so much you guys!
  Fas Gas Short Stop - Swift Current
Thank You Sandy and Ron!
Your gas contribution is going to keep Ben flying for another leg of this amazing trip!
  MV Petroleum - Swift Current
Thank You Cindy!
You are wonderful!
Thanks for the support, your contribution will take Ben from Moose Jaw to Regina!
Moose Jaw, SK
  Confort Inn - Moose Jaw
Thank You Mia!
That was an amazing shower!
  Boston Pizza - Moose Jaw
Thank You Jen!
Thank you for letting us celebrate with you! The meal was delicious and the service amazing!
You guys are wonderful!
  Safeway - Moose Jaw
  Smittys Petro-Canada - Moose Jaw
Regina, SK
  Don and Lore - Ogema
  Red Bull - Saskatoon
Thanks Conner!
That case of Red Bull is going to go a long way in helping us to get all this work done!
  Shell Canada - Regina
Thank You Ashley, Steven and Reliva!
Your support is awesome!
Your contribution is going to help get Ben fly to Kipling!
Manitoba (10 Sponsors) [Become a Manitoba Sponsor]
Brandon, MB
  Safeway - Brandon
Thank You Tarra!
Your food and fuel contribution are going to keep us going for another leg of this wondrous journey.
Thank you for your kindness, generousity and enthusiasm!
  Cranberrys Restaurant - Brandon
Thank You Brenda and Gary!
Our meal was amazing! Especially the Cranberry Chicken Salad, that was the biggest and best salad I've had in a long time! Thanks for taking such good care of us.
  Boston Pizza - Brandon
Thank You Mike and John!
The pizza was amazing, the service was awesome and your enthusiasm was perfect.
Thanks for taking such good care of us.
Portage la Prairie, MB
  East End Service - Petro Canad - Carberry
Thanks Wally for your generous contribution!
Your donation got us all the way to Winnipeg!
  Domo - Portage La Prairie
Thank You Mary and Jim,
Your contribution kept our bus going all the way to Winnipeg.
  Fastenal - Portage La Prairie
Thank You Karl,
Your paint contribution will help us paint the roof of our bus!
  Pankos Food Centre - Portage la Prairie
Thank You Mike!
The BBQ was great and the wieners were delicious!
  Sobeys - Portage la Prairie
Thank you Mike and Tony!
Thank you for the hot dog buns and thank you for helping us find Tony who brought the BBQ and made that part of our evening possible.
Thanks for all your care!
Steinbach, MB
  Adventure at Altitude - Steinbach
Thank You Barry and Tim!
It was amazing hanging out with you guys. Your hangar is a hub of wonderful energy and your team is awesome.
Thanks for your efforts and kindness. Hope to see you soon in the friendly skies!
Ontario (22 Sponsors) [Become an Ontario Sponsor]
Kenora, ON
  Stewart Lake Airways - Vermilion Bay
Thank You Lynn!
Thanks for listening and contributing to our project. Your support kept us moving in the right direction.
  Keystone Resort - West Hawk Lake
Thanks Barb for your enthusiasm and support! We finally got out and with your help flew all the way to Dryden.
  Clearwater Market - Clearwarer
Thank You Pete!
Your contribution kept us going all the way to Kenora.
  Anicinabe Park Camping and RV - Kenora
Thank You Nancy and Larry!
Your hospitality and enthusiasm were wonderful. Thank you for letting stay in your beautiful park. We slept peacefully.
Dryden, ON
  Patricia Inn - Dryden
Thank You Joanne and Lucy!
The meal was delicious! We couldn't have asked for a more friendly place to eat. Thanks for everything.
  KKs Gas Bar - Dryden
Thank You Karol!
Your contribution has kept Honey the bus rolling on her way east.
  Extra Foods - Dryden
Thank You Chad!
Your contribution has helped keep our bellies full of healthy delicious food!
  Walmart - Dryden
Thank You Susan!
Your contribution has helped us catch up on the small things that are always needed on a big trip!
  Kate D Kroeker - Dryden
  Kate Kroeker - Dryden
Upsala, ON
  G and G Service - Upsala
Thank You Tami!
So sorry about the gas confusion. Thank you for saving us from a terrible mishap.
Much gratitude!
  Cliffside Resort - Upsala
Thank You Lynn, Jim and Leanne!
You guys are amazing. Your property is beautiful and your hearts are full of kindness and love.
Thank you for the delicious lunch and the shade of our afternoon nap.
Thank you so much you guys for the donation and the gas and thank you for the support and enthusiasm. It was wonderful to meet you!
Thunder Bay, ON
  Lakeside Husky - Thunder Bay
Thank You Dan!
Your generous contribution will keep Honey the bus rolling at least to Wawa!
We really appreciate it!
  Travelodge - Thunder Bay
Thanks Jenn!
Having a place to park for the night and plug in was exactly what we needed. Thank you for the hook up and the internet connection!
  CC Poulin Equipment Limited - Thunder Bay
Thank You Glenn and Dave!
Thank you for squeezing us in on this busy day. Thank you for taking such good care of Honey the bus and making sure that she'll keep carrying us safely as we make our way across the country.
Thank you for the sponsorship and thank you for all the good advice.
It was wonderful meeting you guys!
Wawa, ON
  Scott Davidson - Wawa
Thank You Scott!
Your generous contribution kept Honey the bus rolling past Goulais River. Thanks for your support.
Sault Ste Marie, ON
  Truck Pro - Goulais River
Thanks Dave for letting us use your field. I hope you enjoyed the launch!
Blind River, ON
  Village General Store - Esso - Iron Bridge
Thank You Jim and Janice!
Your support helped get us to our presentation at Bil-O-Wood and then out to Webbwood.
Thank You!
  Blind River Home Hardware Buil - Blind River
Greg and Dale Thank You!
We would have been carried away by the mosquitoes if you hadn't shown up to rescue us!
Thank you for bringing us to your beautiful home and thank you for making such a delicous feast! Thank you for the gas and the enthusiasm and loving us enough to follow us to Bil-O-Wood!
It was wonderful to meet you and spend some time with you.
Thank you.
Sundridge, ON
  Dannys Shell Service - Sundridge
Thank You Jim!
Your contribution has kept Benjamin flying for another leg of this amazing journey.
Orillia, ON
  liz barningham - Durham
Richmond Hill, ON
  Barney Barningham - Durham
Perth, ON
  Stor-N-Lock - Perth
Rocking and Rolling on into Quebec with this diesel donation from Brian. Thank you, sir.
  Bence Motor Sales Limited - Kaladar
Friendly Joe popped that full gauge over to F on our trip to Perth.
How nice not to worry about more diesel for a moment. Thanks.
Quebec (3 Sponsors) [Become a Quebec Sponsor]
Montreal, QC
  Olco - Ste-Anne-de-la-Perade
Thanks Isabelle for keeping Honey rolling down the pavement!
Trois Rivieres, QC
  Depanneur Relais Batiscan - Batiscan
Ground to air French speaking concludes that Eric is grand for keeping Honey moving forward to Quebec City!
Quebec City, QC
  Chamberland - Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse
How wonderful of you Jean Marc to offer us both fuel and gas. and know the distinction. We heart you. Thanks for the machine fill ups!
New Brunswick (9 Sponsors) [Become a New Brunswick Sponsor]
Edmunston, NB
  Glenn's Grocery - Bristol
We have been eating our sandwiches off of lettuce. Thanks for offering us a few more options with some groceries. Oh, eating is delicious. Thanks, Glenn.
Sussex, NB
  Marko - Fredericton
  Rocket Man - Hampton
  Spudnic - Quispamsis
  Powered Paragliding New Brunsw - Apohaqui
  Sears - Sussex
Flying on to Moncton and PEI thanks to this bit more fuel. Thank you!
  Canadian Tire, JS George Enter - Sussex
On the occasions when Honey Bus burns some of her oil, we thank you Mike for offering her a refill.
Canning, NB
  Hunters One Stop - Douglas Harbour
Bayfield, NB
  Pirmin Kummer - Timber River
Honey made it all through PEI thanks to your generous diesel contribution! We salute you, Pirmin!
  Murray Deman - Johnston
Yay, paramotor fuel. Thanks Murray for making the trip to town and buying us a bit of fuel. The bus totally appreciates not having to make the extra trip!
Prince Edward Island (1 Sponsor) [Become a PEI Sponsor]
Flat Creek, PE
  Miller's Murray River Esso - Murray River
Thanks, Arlene, for dropping more premium in our paramotor!
Nova Scotia (18 Sponsors) [Become a Nova Scotia Sponsor]
Truro, NS
  Sobeys - Truro
Helping out with a bit of groceries, Sobey's have been super kind to us!
  Sobeys2 - Truro
Tuna and bean - a staple for our trip - thanks, Brad!
  Wilsons Gas Stops - Truro
Bus and paramotor thank Mary Dowe for her lovely gas contributions.
  Comfort Inn - Truro
A little power and internet go a long way. Thanks for the moment of rest and catching up, Sharon!
Antigonish, NS
  Bennett's Market & Bakery - Antigonish
  The Specialist - Antigonish
Our paramotor will totally make it to Neils Harbour with the support of John - thanks for the supreme!
Baddeck, NS
  Silver Dart Lodge - Baddeck
We keep hearing that a hurricane may be coming. Thanks Wes and April for letting us park Honey in your lot and borrow a little power and internet connection. :)
  AGBell Historic Site - Baddeck
What a fabulous museum dedicated to innovation. Thanks all staff for letting us explore the museum and chat with your patrons.
  Silver Dart Centennial Associa - Baddeck
Kudos to the organization for its dedication to flight. We appreciate all your efforts while we have been here in Baddeck. Thank you!
  Mac Rae's Esso - Baddeck
Getting our bus through Cape Breton with your help David, thanks!
  Bell Bay Golf Club - Baddeck
How grateful we are for a clear launch site and sandwiches for after our journey north! Thanks, Ted!
  John Langley - Port Hawkesbury
Survival suit and VHF Marine Radio lending made our potential Cabot Strait crossing much more manageable. Thanks, John!
Neils Harbour, NS
  Breton Synthetics - Edwardsville
Fully synthetic 2-stroke oil! Thanks Daniel for coming all the way to Baddeck to help us finish our trip.
  Doucette's Esso - Ingonish
Thanks Mike for topping off both of our gas cans.
  Bianchini's Pizzeria - Sydney
What delicious pizza for an evening before the ferry to Newfoundland! Thanks, Donald.
  Wreck Cove General Store - Englishtown
More petrol will get us closer to Newfoundland. Thanks for the donation, Marcel!
  Paradrenalin - Ryan Shaw - Phoenix
Cozy cots awaited us on the ferry crossing thanks to this cabin contribution. Oh, sweet sleep; thanks, Ryan!
  Gus Curtis - Victoria
What the landing hill you have there! Thanks, Gus, for letting us cruise atop it and offering us a lot on which to rest our bus.
  Jumping House Eco-Camping - St Margaret Village
Needing a place to stay after another windy day, we appreciate your beautiful campground sponsorship. And your welcoming voice and cliff. Thanks, Margrit for the delightful evening.
Newfoundland and Labrador (6 Sponsors) [Become a Newfoundland Sponsor]
Channel-Basques, NF
  ESSO - Mountainside General St - Doyles
Zipping along with two paramotors takes more gas than one. Thanks for making our refills easier!
  Hotel - Port-aux-Basques - Port-Aux-Basques
A place to find power, a washroom, and ice. All-in-one! Thanks, Cathy for allowing us to park outside the hotel!
The guests watching us launch from your field in the morning were really excited!
Norris Arm, NF
  Big D's Auto Service Inc - Gander
A little diesel goes a long way. Thanks for the contribution.
  Trans Canada Ultramar - Gander
Always exciting to see other people excited about our project. Thanks Dean for your enthusiasm and chunk of diesel!
  R & R Ventures Ltd - Gander
Sorry to interrupt your breakfast, but we totally appreciate the diesel donation! Thanks, Ruby.
Clarenville, NF
  Wal-Mart - Clarenville