A Brief History:

Above+Beyond is a childhood dream in full-blown production...

Like many children, Benjamin Jordan began dreaming of flight not long after learning to walk. And while the downer of gravity kept his feet on earth, he found other forms of independence through the privilege of passing his summers at a government subsidized camp in northern Quebec. Through camp experiences he developed a love for the great outdoors and built up the self confidence to know he could tackle any obstacle he put his heart into, no matter how great.

Earning his wings...
During the winter months of 2004, Jordan realized his childhood dream of flight at a paragliding school down in New Zealand. This sparked the adulthood dream of free flying across his great homeland.
To gain experience and credibility, he and three friends took on an 8000 km skateboard trip across the country raising funds and awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, in the widely acclaimed Push For The Cure.
Above+Beyond B.C. (2008)

Making his new home on the west coast, Jordan's paragliding flourished as he began preparing for a 2000 km, British Columbia paramotor voyage, across the province. With the help of Brazilian pilot, Leonardo Silveira, the plan was successfully executed over the summer of 2008, documenting the current state of BC's forests and the devastating wake left by the mountain pine beetle.
The uniqueness of ABOVE+BEYOND B.C. brought the voices of affected communities to radio, television and front-page coverage locally, across the country, and is currently being picked up by magazines around the globe.
One year later...

His passion to live out great dreams, fueled by an ever-growing commitment to give back to the country which has given him so many wonderful opportunities, will see him fly a powered paraglider 10,000 km across Canada this summer. From Tofino, BC to St. John's, NL he will cross nine provinces, three islands and parts of two oceans landing at youth camps along the way and raising funds to send underprivileged Canadian children to camp in 2010.