Youth Camp Presentation Information & Registration

As Jordan "leap-frogs" across Canada, he will make scheduled stops at approximately 50 youth camps along the way.

Campers will be treated to an unforgettably inspiring experience as they watch him land, gather for a fun talk about the record breaking flight, then be organized into a giant formation which he will photograph as he flies off.

Friends and families of campers will be able to view these photographs online with the option to purchase them as prints or within a book, the proceeds from either will go to sending underprivileged Canadian kids to camp in your province!

Safety First

Until you have witnessed a powered paraglider launch or land firsthand, it is difficult to imagine how safe and effortless the process is.

Landing: Our ground crew will arrive and clear a safe area prior to Jordan's arrival. A small engine and propeller on Jordan's back allows him to stay aloft until he is comfortable. The landing itself is quite easy and requires only a couple meters to stop.

Launch: Jordan will take flight once the campers are in their formation. The takeoff resembles that of a small airplane with feet and can take as few as ten, or as many as fifty metres depending on wind speeds. Paramotor launches are fun to watch, easy to control and simple to abort if need be.

Program Schedule
Ground crew shows up and arranges safe landing (15-20 minutes)
Pilot Landing (5 minutes)
Presentation (20-30 minutes)
Campers guided into formation (10-15 minutes)
Pilot launch (5 minutes)
Aerial photograph (5 minutes)
Camp Registration:

Your campers will love to be a part of this great cause and epic flight. It costs absolutely nothing and takes only a few minutes to sign your camp up!

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