Benjamin Jordan: Pilot / Photo-documentarian

Jordan's eight years spent as a Toronto-based editorial photographer eventually led him to realize dissatisfaction in the process of producing elaborate photo shoots for no cause greater than to produce pretty pictures. It was through building and documenting Toronto's longboard community that he discovered an outlet for commercial branding within the greater context of newsworthy, visually inspiring events.
Around the same time that Jordan realized his childhood dream of free-flight at a paragliding school down in New Zealand he awoke to an entirely new perspective. Although aerial photography is as old as man's first flight through air, there was something unique about snapping away while quietly dangling from strings supported by a giant kite, keeping effortlessly aloft in rising air currents.

The flying photographer took on skateboarding across Canada for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation with three friends in 2006, gaining the first-hand experience of producing a photo documentary, while being challenged both physically and mentally. For Benjamin, it looked like success as he had made his new home out west and begun planning to repeat the trip, this time by "Paramotor"!

In 2008, he got his feet wet on a 2000 km voyage across B.C. documenting the social and environmental effects of the recent pine-beetle epidemic sweeping the province. More importantly, he discovered what flying at 40 km/h day after day felt like and that the images he could produce on such a journey were stunning beyond anything he had ever dreamt!

This summer, Jordan will be responsible for flight logistics, documentary production, media interviews and publishing content within the campaign website.