7th Fret Over Andres  (listen)
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Calgary, AB
Web: http://www.woodpigeon-songbook.com/
Song: 7th Fret Over Andres
CBC R3: New Music Canada Profile
Video: In The Works..

Woodpigeon is more than just the most beautiful word in the English language, although that's precisely why it was chosen by songwriter Mark Hamilton as the moniker for his pretty-pretty-pop project. Encompassing a kind of ersatz collective orchestra, dispersed across a couple continents, rising and falling in number with the demands of song life and real life, Woodpigeon creates music much the same way a bowerbird crafts a lovenest: the right space is chosen and the bower goes up twig by twig, berry by berry, embellishing a basic construction that's already sound and lovely.


Pianos rusting in country fields, quiet cabins warmed by woodstoves, snow falling on dead trees, superheros running over glaciers and water falling on hot rocks.