I Felt His Presents  (listen)
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Vancouver, BC
Web: http://myspace.com/darkhills
Label: Mint Records / Nettwerk
Song: I Felt His Presents
Video: In The Works..

On the heels of their groundbreaking Mint debut Brigadoon, P:ano, Vancouver's brilliant, young quartet of perfect pop practitioners takes a hard left in creating their followup "mini-album" Ghost Pirates Without Heads. With its lush, layered and complex production and varied, unconventional instrumentation Brigadoon garnered repeated (and well justified, we think) comparisons to Brian Wilson's opus Smile. Never ones to be stuck in a rut, (even a magnificent rut) the gang returned to Hive Studios one morning armed only with a ukelele, accordion, bass clarinet & a box of percussion instruments and recorded & mixed these 11 stripped-down, near-perfect pop nuggets in time to be home for supper. While the recordings are technically very different, what you'll notice right away are the beautiful harmonies, the clever arrangements and plenty of the wry, quirky wit that you so loved from Brigadoon as well as their previous releases When it's Dark and its Summer and The Den. Perfect, quirky, Bacharach-like, lovely, melancholy, poignant, joyful, these are but a few of the most oft-used adjectives reviewers brought to bear in describing Brigadoon and we think you'll find they fully apply here, too.

July 11th, 2009 - By: Benjamin Jordan, Keren Menashe + Jess Ahlemeier - Location: Nelson
After several days of gail force winds in the Creston valley, the Above + Beyond Canada team make a mad dash for the most intimidating of the Rocky Mountains.

Though it could be said for any leg of the journey, the footage from this section clearly illustrates the critical role Keren and Jess played in my successfully completing these challenging flights.

Music: P:Ano - I Felt His Presents