Why Donate?

Economical circumstance prevent almost half of Canada's youth from accessing the wonder and nourishment of the country's existing summer youth programs. We are doing everything we can this year to help get these kids to camp and invite you to do the same.

We work with charities which focus on sending underprivileged youth to camp on a provincial basis. Nine provinces means nine charities and your donation is directly applied to sending youth in your province to camp.

Please Donate:

Weather you can contribute $5 or $500, every drop of generosity counts towards the positive impact summer camps will have on our country's underprivileged youth, and Canada's future!

Click here to donate online and our registered Non-Profit will forward those funds to our charity in your province.

Need a Tax Receipt?

As a Non-Profit we are not able to issue charitable tax receipts. The charities we work with however can issue these receipts if you make your donation directly to them by cheque.

Click here to access our list of affiliated registered charities and the information you need to make out your cheque.