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European Children
July 12th, 2010 - by: Benjamin Jordan - Location: Centrum Paralotniowe
If I could have imagined Above + Beyond Canada being appreciated on an international scale, I may have been driven to produce it sooner. There aren't words to describe the satisfaction of a room full of people, that you require a translator to speak to, applauding your efforts and documentary film. And still, half way around the world, all the fame and recognition becomes completely insignificant behind the innocent eyes of smiling children.

Nirvana Systems, my equipment sponsor, has proudly organised a five week A+B European tour connecting film screenings at flying competitions and schools across 10 different countries.

This being my first time in Europe, I feel quite privileged to bounce around this beautiful continent as a guest of honour. The main advantage of staying in people's homes I'm finding is the unlimited access to so many amazing varieties of cheese. (Insert Laughter)

Hilarious jokes aside, I sat down to write this for two reasons:

1. To express my utmost gratitude for these new individuals, families and businesses and the tremendous support they've showed in promoting this great project and it's fund raising documentary materials.

2. To let all of our original supporters and charities know that though the A+B trip is complete, the initiative itself is more alive then ever. Please order a copy of the excellent documentary book and hold tight for the official release of our full-length documentary film.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!