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One year later
May 15th, 2010 - by: Benjamin Jordan - Location: Nelson
On May 15th of 2009, I shattered a barrier separating my dreams from my reality as I launched my powered paraglider from a school yard in Canada's west-most surf-town, Tofino, BC. Obsessed with the mission to cross the entire country while motivating youth to follow their own dreams, Keren, Jess and I delivered inspiring presentations during our stops at more than 35 schools and summer camps. The children displayed gratitude by gathering into giant formation which I photographed from the sky before flying onward.

One year later we're excited to breath new life into this dream with the release of our inspiring photo-documentary book, [i]Lessons in Fear and Love[/i]. Beautifully laid out with the formations and other breathtaking perspectives on this beautiful land, the book is my personal account of recognizing fear's various masks and staring it down to find overwhelming feelings of satisfaction and love on the other side.

Each sale of this book brings the dreams of children from low-income families one step closer to their reality as 100% of the profit made will be used to send them to summer camps in your province. Please [url=]buy your copy[/url] of this fantastic book today and help grow our dream by sharing it with the people you love.