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The end is nigh.
August 27th, 2009 - by: Jess Ahlemeier - Location: Neils Harbour
Five AM - more days than not - finds us groggy eyed, thinking about the weather. Today was no different. At the moment, we remain at the northern tip of Nova Scotia, with the decision to cross or not cross the Cabot Strait looming over us. The winds seem to be howling...the ocean rushing...but the sky considering clearing.

Segments of our summer have been spotted with hold patterns - and this week of Hurricane Bill has offered no less restlessness than those previous legs of waiting out the weather.

Adopted crew member Quebecian Alex has joined us and since departed - having injected a bit of french, many a laugh, and some damn fine photos - whilst Nirvana distributor and paraglider pilot/instructor Ryan Shaw ( continues to offer some experienced advice, a disgust for pasta, and a Benjamin-similar caffeine addiction.

Our 0330 ferry departure puts us in Newfoundland, our final province, for late morning Friday. Where we expect, as we enter this late August weather season, weather challenges to be numerous. As for the terrain and people of that land, our expectation is of beauty and hospitality.

Here's to our second ocean crossing - whether it be by air or by sea!

Citil jsem se bezpecne a duveroval jsem svemu stroji -diky Emile a nepolevuj....