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Changes in Nova Scotia
August 19th, 2009 - by: Benjamin Jordan - Location: New Glasgow, NS
Crossing 35km of the North Umberland strait without the reassurance of a support boat is how Nova Scotia began. Since then we've been stuck under heavy South Westerly, sometimes gale-force conditions, unable to push down to the Halifax area as we'd originally intended.

Nirvana's US Rep, Ryan, was to meet us there to complete the remaining 1000-odd kilometers with me but instead came up to Truro, as far south as we could make it. We chose to b-line it back to the north coast and meet up with the kids of Canada's oldest residential camp, YMCA's Big Cove, now in it's 120th summer!

We're hoping for calmer conditions and less humidity tomorrow allowing for a swift, beautiful leg about 175 km east to Baddeck where we've got a formation event planned with the Alexandre Graham Bell Museum as part of the 100th anniversary of flight in Canada ..the inaugural flight happened there.

Between our new ground person/documentarian, Alex, and pilot Ryan, Jess and I have been adapting rather well to the overwhelming number of changes in the air and on the ground. Luckily Keren has had time to help out with admin phone calls from her home in Toronto! All we need now is help finding a boat for the Cabot Strait Crossing.