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Rocking out in PEI
August 14th, 2009 - by: Benjamin Jordan - Location: Charlottetown
After a couple days of rain and rest at the Powered Paragliding New Brunswick school, we've stepped it up into a record high gear in executing SIX formations and youth presentations in just 48 hours ..four of which took place on the beautiful Prince Edward Island.

To offer some perspective, it took both B.C. and Alberta to get our first six in the bag. That the country's smallest of provinces would participate as one of the biggest warms my heart.

And after such a successful run in these two Maritime provinces, we're looking forward to beautiful warm welcomes in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The bodies of water separating us from them are no simple matter and if YOU know of folks residing in either that may be able to support the 120 km NS to NL crossing with a fast zodiac or similar boat, we will be happy to cover fuel costs for the mission.

Any leads also appreciated. We can be reached any time at 1-250-505-8055.