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And then we were two. For a moment.
August 8th, 2009 - by: Jess Ahlemeier - Location: Riviere-du-Loup
Now, after ten weeks of surviving the myriad of challenges stored within our cross-Canadian adventure, we have sadly passed the anticipated departure date of our crew member Keren.

Needing the final month of summer to wrap-up family visits and prepare for possible entrance back into university, Keren flew - unfortunately, not under paraglider - back west through lands recently covered in our one-and-only Honey Bus.

Lovely lady, we miss your smile, your organization, your honesty, your dedication, and your heart. Not to mention that doing the work of three people, as two, leaves very little time for sleep. And we like sleep. ;)

Thanks for the journey - it has been quite the whirl-wind adventure with many joy-filled - also, stress-filled, as you will recall - memories. I will not forget our ice cream rendezvouses, tension-relieving low-belly growls, poi/hula stops, dinner/3-D movie going, crashing objects on the bus, or cheese sandwiches.

You do so much for the lives of others, remember always to take just as much care for yourself, as you know the universe will do the same for you in return.

Happiness, always.
...well, at least, as often as possible...

heart -
Ben and jess.