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Gratitude for camp
July 22nd, 2009 - by: Keren Menashe - Location: Orillia
Camp season is in full swing now and we are privileged enough to be invited in to their magical worlds and participate for a short time.

It makes me glad that there are so many awesome counselors out there who are giving back to the camps that gave them. I'm so grateful that there are wonderful directors who put in the work all year around and make summers possible.

Circumstance had it that I presented to the last two camps because Ben had to launch from another field and I was so amazed at how peaceful the kids were. It was really great to see how easy it is to captivate kids under in this special kind of environment. School kids definitely didn't have this kind of attention span...

Thank You to all the people out there who recognize the joy that camp brings to kids. Thank you to everyone who is working hard being the magic makers at your respective camps.

With gratitude and respect,