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Summer Adventuring.
July 18th, 2009 - by: Jess Ahlemeier - Location: Thunder Bay

July 15 signified Above + Beyond Canada's two month anniversary in our eastward progression across the country. We have presented at over fifteen schools or camps since our campaign launch on Vancouver Island in May.

We have maneuvered landings and launches from turbulent school grounds and rocky terrain, in light sprinkles and solid winds, with limited landing options and sporadic radio communication...all teaching us the value of flexibility, patience, and experience within those differing conditions.

Our eight-window support bus Honey, official crew member #4, holds not only our belongings but also our stresses and our hearts. She has collected children's hand prints since British Columbia, building a beautiful rainbow across the Canadian map on her side.

Currently, we are in our fifth day of being grounded in Thunder Bay due to high winds and rain. Our frustrations are being soothed by poi spinning, photo play, and friend gathering. Our hosts from the Superior Science Camp, and families in our cul-de-sac area, are graciously treating us to garden-fresh meals, engaging discussions, and sports car testing. Because we are setting the World Powered-Paragliding Distance Record, it is required for us to land and launch from the same area - so we continue to wait, as the new *bus* neighbor on the block, and hope for the winds to calm or switch to tail.

Thank you everyone for the support, as we break this weather restlessness,
A + B Crew.