We are flying the paramotor to get attention.

We want the attention to raise as much money as we can to be put towards sending underpivileged Canadian children to camp.

We are working with reputable charities in each of your provinces to ensure that your fundraising efforts go directly back into your community and hope that you will do as we have and take on the fundraising challenge this summer!

Organize A Fundraiser:

Planning an event is fun ..and doing it in the name of a great cause makes it a breeze! Whether you're organizing a Community BBQ, Pancake Breakfast, Benefit Concert, Lemonade Stand or some sort of competition, the possibilities around creating your own fundraiser in support of sending underprivileged children to camp are endless.

Stuck on ideas? Meet up with a friend or two and brainstorm as many ideas, big or small, as you can. You will be surprised at how many wonderful ideas your left with, in fact you might have a hard time narrowing them down!

Whatever you do, don't hesitate to ask local businesses to contribute their products or services in order to help you make the fundraiser happen. After all, their business wouldn't exist without the solid community that you're asking them to invest in!

The same rule applies to your local media outlets; prepare an add for the local paper and ask them to sponsor you by including it in the days leading up to your fundraiser. Call the local radio station and get them to do an interview, you will be blown away by the number of people that tell you they heard you in the days that follow.

Once you've completed your fundraiser visit our Charities page to find out where to send your contribution.

Collect Pledges:

Visit our Pledge Form Page (available soon) and download the correct form for your province. Then go ask everyone you know to pledge however much they can to support sending underprivileged children to camp in your province. Once you have, start asking people you don't know as well like your neighbors of the owner of your local store. You'll be amazed at just how many people are willing to give when asked nicely.

Once you've collected as much as you can, stick all of your cash, cheques and pledge forms into a thick envelope and send it to the address of the charity written at the top of your pledge form. We work with a different charity in each province to make sure that people's donations are invested in the children nearby.

Make a Donations Box:

We haven't cleared donations boxes with all of our charities yet but will be happy to post all of the instructions you'll need once we have. Please check back for this!