Blog 1
July 17th, 2009 - by: Keren Menashe - Location: Thunder Bay
It seems that no matter how much intention we have for making our way through Northern Ontario, the winds are determined to keep us here for a little while longer.

We have been grounded in Thunder Bay since Monday evening when we arrived...although we did have two successful launches but the winds were too strong at higher altitudes and Ben had to come down almost immediatly.

But we have been super productive! Thanks to the quick turn around by the insurance company and Rob's generous support we have new computers again and we are quickly catching up on the things that have been neglected. I guess that is what windy days are good for!

T. Bay (or as we prefer to call it, Thunder B.) has been super kind to us and the Churchill cul-de-sac neighborhood has taken us in and shown us us love and so much support.
Thank You Don, Lori, Tabitha, Graziela, Albert and John!

with much gratitude,