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Love in Northern Ontario
July 15th, 2009 - by: Keren Menashe - Location: Thunder Bay
The entrance to Ontario was marked by amazing trees, an endless number of lakes and very few places to's as scary as being in the mountains. But it sure is beautiful.

We got held up in Dryden for four days waiting for the winds to die down so that we could make a run for Ignace, Upsala and eventually Thunder Bay.

While in Dryden we had the privilege of staying with Kate and James Kroeker. They are the parents of a good friend, Rachel, and they took us in like their own. Our gratitude to you guys is endless. We were given the space to feel at home, with our feet on the ground and the rare opportunity to rest and truly recharge. Thank You Kate and James!

When we did finally get off the ground we had our longest distance day since the beginning of the trip. Benjamin flew 350km from Dryden to Thunder Bay, with a stop in Ignace to refuel and a stop in Upsala to wait out the heat.

In Upsala we were greeted with a friendly woman running across a field to invite us to lunch. We had a delicious lunch with Jim, Lynn and Leanne at their beautiful cliff side resort. This is a secret gem of Upsala. They are in the works of putting in a golf course but their driving range and events location are set up and the feel of the place is magic.

Thank You Jim and Lynn for the hospitality, donations and gas. Your support and enthusiasm is still talked about on the bus.

This blog is for the love that we've been experiencing. Thank You.