Blog 1
Blow outs and tough calls.
June 22nd, 2009 - by: Benjamin Jordan - Location: Regina
Standing in a school yard full of 350 eager bodies, a beautiful tiger's paw laid out in strings to contain them, paramotor warmed up and a wing ready to take me away the east stand members of the media, the principal and a school board rep ..looking to the west I can barely keep my eyes open the prairie winds have increased so rapidly. [u]No, not again![/u] It took what felt like forever to get over canceling the Lindale launch in Moosejaw and here we are, on the cusp of another sacrifice in the name of safety.

I explain to the kids that while there's nothing I want more than to show them the magic of lift and capture their formation, making poor choices means not making goal; still a good 7000 km away. Though their principal encourages applause, there is a void ..some clap, but my presentation is incomplete and even the kids that weren't listening can tell. They return to class, then a group of 20 return, each holding a kite. The art-and-craft wings trash around in the 40 km/h gusts, up, down, right, left.

Guess I made a good choice. I hate making good choices.

Sorry Dr. Hanna.