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First Canceled school launch:(
June 20th, 2009 - by: Keren Menashe - Location: Moose Jaw
We arrived in Moose Jaw bright eyed and bushy tailed after a strong tail wind pushed us hurriedly from Swift Current. We were so excited to be coming into this wonderful community.

Lindale Elementary school had invited and received us with such enthusiasm and we were delighted to be there.

But somehow, after a day of computer work and rest, the winds changed and when we awoke on Friday to present to Lindale school, the winds were blowing at least as hard as they were in Swift Current. But,we got suited up and prepared for a difficult launch.

After Ben's presentation and Cam's safe, but dicey launch Ben prepared to take off but the wind decided differently. She pulled Ben back and brought the wing down on a chain link fence.

With much disappointment we decided to bring Cam out of the sky and cancel the launch. We were heart broken to make the call, but safety comes first. We are sorry to have missed the picture.

Thank You Lindale for being so wonderful and understanding. You are a wonderful school!
Thank You for making us feel right at home in Moose Jaw.