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Letter from Chris
June 14th, 2009 - by: Benjamin Jordan - Location: Lethbridge
Hey Ben and team,

What an amazing experience it was to fly with you yesterday. I couldn't really imagine what it's like until I was up there being part of a cross Canada flying adventure (even a really small part, like Lethbridge to Taber)!

After we were in the air for half an hour or so and after seeing so much of the beautiful landscape I had a new understanding and appreciation for just how incredible (and challenging) Ben's cross Canada flight really is. I feel so lucky to be able to see small parts our amazing country from the perspective of my PPG; I totally envy Ben who gets to do it everyday across the entire country and I commend you all for working so hard to raise money for kids to go to camp!

Initially when the word was out that Ben wanted local pilots to accompany him for a flight or two as he passed through, I kind of thought it might be a hassle for them to communicate and organize everything for a flight with extra pilot(s). I felt the need to be careful not to make too much work for them as they have enough work between the charities, the logistics and documenting everything. +I was surprised that Ben and his team (Keren and Jess ROCK!!!) were probably more excited and more stoked than I was!

Ben and I had an amazing flight, flying low and slow over cattle feed lots, pristine, seemingly perfect flat, green fields, and around those big 120 foot blade span Southern Alberta wind generators (thankfully they were turning rather slowly). We got some great photos and video too! If anyone out there who flies a paramotor is humming and hawing about flying with Ben, get your ass out there!

If you know anyone who flies, pass this along! It's a great experience that shouldn't be missed It really re-awakened my passion for flying, my appreciation for how incredibly beautiful our country can be from a variety of perspectives (including the air) and it was very inspirational seeing Ben realizing his goals and dreams. I'm freshly energized and inspired to realize some of mine! Thanks again Ben, Keren and Jess!

Yee-Haaaaaaaaaw! Hahaha, Christopher Sarnecki in Edmonton, Alberta
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