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May 28th, 2009 - by: - Location: Creston
I was thinking the other day that one of the best things about being on this trip, and what keeps me going, is the rare case when someone openly shares how inspired they are. We encountered this kind of openness in Genelle, BC. There was a lovely lady who chased us around town to share her story with us.

She shared that she had lost her faith in humanity and our ability to do good while watching the morning news. Walking out of her house, on her way to work, she saw our bus parked across the street. We were just about to launch and she and her husband were on their way, so they stopped to see what we were about. Our efforts made her excited that there were still people doing something good to improve the world around them. She was so honest in sharing with us that it reminded me how much I still believe that we can change the space around us. We just have to want to.

Thank You Ursula,

Thank you to both of you for your generosity and openness.